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SV650/SV1000 PROJECTOR + CCFL + HID KIT 2003-2009

SV650/SV1000 PROJECTOR + CCFL + HID KIT 2003-2009




Notice: Requires headlight modifications. This is an advanced installation requiring headlight removal.
Fits: SV650-SV1000 03-09

Includes Projector lenses
Includes CCFL Halo eyes
Includes HID Conversion kit for both sides

Projector hid ccfl halo eyes feature:
Dual hi/low beams in each projector
Ccfl technology. (cold cathod fluorescent tubing) around each projector globe
2 color of ccfl to choose from: blue or white

HID Bulb Color options you can choose from: 8000k (default), 6000K, 10000K or 12000K hid lighting color inside of each projector
2 slim ballests

Stunning and unique look with projector hid and ccfl halo eyes
A toggle switch that can be mounted almost anywhere so that ccfl halo can be turned on or off with a flip of the switch, even if the bike is turned off.
1 year manufacturer limited warranty


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