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New Motorcycle Motorbike Alarm Immoboliser Security Scooter Kit

– Traditional padlock and chain is outdated security system for motorbike. It’s time to use advance technology to keep away from theives. This electronic security system with remote control can help to protect your lovely motor bike!


– 2 Different Alarm Modes:
– Sound + Flashing Lights + Immobilization, or
– Flashing lights + Immobilization without sound

– More about the system:

– Bike Searching: It is good to find your nike in crowded car park by pressing the remote when the alarm is set to flash the light 10 times

– Arming reminder: When you turn off the engine, the siren will “beep” after 7 seconds to remind you to set the alarm

– Second Time Arming: the system will return to its set state automatically 

– Vehicle Overtaking: press the remote and lights will flash and siren will sound for 6 seconds for warning

– Remote Engine Start: if engine is not running, press the remote to start

– Remote Engine Stop: if engine is running, press the remote to cut the power

– Anti-Hijack: When bike is in motion, press the remote to immobilize the engine and activate siren and lights 

– No need to worry about bad weather – this alarm kit is made of waterproof materials


– Sensor colour: black 

– Sensor dimensions: 6cm x 9.5cm x 2.5cm

– Siren colour: red and black 

– Siren dimensions: 5.5cm x 3cm

– Remote control colour: black

– Remote control dimensions: 3cm x 6cm x 1cm

– Low power consumption 

Package Includes

– 1 x Sensor

– 1 x Siren

– 2 x Remote Controls 

– 1 x Connection cables 

– 1 x Adhesive pads 

– In Retail Package


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