Best Motorcycle HID Lights


Xenon lights are top of the line quality bulbs and can be yours today for a more than great price ! With Kodiak 400 HID Lights you can expect only the best and brightest experience ! Have your way lit up with these bulbs no matter where or what you’re doing, guaranteed ! Your bike or ATV together with these quality lights will honestly give you the best driving sensation you’ve ever felt ! Don’t wait, order your lights now and let the conversion from old atv or bike to new and brighter bike or atv begin !

Some models included :

YAMAHA KODIAK YFM400 2×4 2000–2001
YAMAHA KODIAK YFM400 2×4 Auto 2003–2004
YAMAHA KODIAK YFM400 4×4 1997–2005
YAMAHA KODIAK YFM400 4×4 Auto 2002–2006

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